Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The benefits of tackling climate change

Climate change is really the biggest environmental issue of modern time and here is the comprehensive list including various benefits of tackling climate change.

  1. Reduced biodiversity loss. Many plants and animals are declining in population or even becoming extinct because of climate change. Successfully tackling climate change would therefore help preserve rich biodiversity of our world.
  2. The strong development of clean energy sector. Tackling climate change can be only done successfully with transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
  3. Using more renewable energy instead of coal, oil and natural gas would further help our environment by reducing the pollution in many parts of the world.
  4. Less ocean acidification and much healthier marine food chain.
  5. Preservation of rainforests. Deforestation of our forests and rainforests accounts for significant share of total CO2 emissions.
  6. Less hunger in the world. Climate change causes droughts and droughts lead to hunger.
  7. Much safer future water supply. Glaciers are the largest reservoirs of freshwater on our planet. The melting of glaciers as the result of increased climate change impact heavily decreases the total amount of freshwater resources available on our planet.
  8. Less environmental refugees. It is expected that climate change will lead to millions of people becoming environmental refugees in not so distant future.
  9. Preventing new disease. Climate change could easily lead to new diseases.
  10.  The moral growth of our society in general. By tackling climate change our society and civilization in general would have the perfect chance to show its maturity by showing true care for our environment and our planet in general. After all, this planet is still our only home.

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