Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Climate change - Few interesting thoughts and questions

Here are some interesting thoughts and questions about climate change.

1. If climate change is really such a big threat to our well-being why are world leaders taking so long to agree new climate deal that would limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions? What is the problem here? Lack of trust in science or powerful fossil fuel lobbies?

2. If fossil fuels are really the main culprits behind the excessive greenhouse gas emissions then why is transition to renewable energy sources happening so slow?

3. When will world finally realize that climate change is the biggest environmental threat of our time? When climate change starts running out of control in all corners of the world? Must we really experience the worst before taking a decisive action?

4. Since we are the smartest beings on this planet (though sometimes it's really hard to see that big brain of ours) then we have to act as guardians of this planet and protect all life on it. Instead of it we are making things even worse by increasing the speed of climate change putting thousands of living species all across the globe at the very brink of extinction.

5. Who exactly gave world leaders the right to bet with the largest possible stakes, namely the future of our children and grandchildren and why are global financial issues always more important than climate change?

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