Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We can’t hide from climate change

Sadly we can’t hide from climate change and our only chance is to try to slow it.

Slowing climate change is lot easier to say than done, particularly without the legally binding international climate deal that would force countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide emissions as the result of excessive fossil fuel burning.

World needs fossil fuels to satisfy ever growing demand for energy and renewable energy sector (despite achieving huge growth in the last couple of years) is still way off from being able to successfully replace fossil fuels on global scale.

As long as world heavily relies on fossil fuels we won't see any significant change in our fight against climate change and we won't be able to prevent a 2C temperature increase seen by many scientists as the point of no return, where climate change will completely run out of control.

The world has already reached the point where political leaders must think about the possible solutions to adapt to climate change instead of just delaying the necessary action for better times. Without the immediate action better times will never come and entire humanity will have to face an uphill task of living together with climate change.

You know that old saying „ you can run but you can't hide“? The same can be applied with climate change. We can run from the truth and pretend like climate change is some imaginary tale invented by environmentalists and burry our head in the sand and pretend like this doesn’t concern us but once climate change starts showing its scary face we won't be able to hide from it because it will affect our entire planet.

In other words, do nothing and the doomsday awaits…


  1. Yup, you can't hide from climate change and you can't hug with nuclear arms.