Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Climate change - Nothing will change in 2012?

The world leaders still haven't agreed to commit to major greenhouse gas emission cuts and without this type of legal agreement world doesn't stand a chance in fight against global warming and climate change.

Every new year without the major cuts in emissions brings us one step closer to a climate change tipping point, a 2C temperature increase, seen by many scientists as the point of no return and a ticket to a worst possible climate change scenario.

The scenario that involves frequent extreme events, floods, drought, new diseases, many extinct species, and more hunger in the world. Sadly this scenario doesn't seem to be enough for world leaders to act quickly as they are constantly delaying actions for "better days".

These days world is more worried about major financial uncertainties connected with United States and EU, and world leaders are yet again giving all their attention to global financial woes, leaving very little room for global environmental issues on their political agenda.

It's like they are hoping that climate change issue will solve itself without their intervention and without major cuts in emissions. They are still not aware that climate change is no longer just a environmental issue but also social and economic issue that could forever change the future of our civilization.

All hope is still not lost though there's very little of it still left among the most incurable optimists. We are gambling with the future of our planet and the stakes are really high. The political bluff is no longer enough to win the pot with such high stakes.

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  1. i think the "world leaders" should stop sticking their nose in the air and start talking to the people. i'm sure we can contribute some use full ways to help our earth if they would help us get our ideas known