Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No optimism about climate change talks in Durban

Copenhagen 2009 – disappointment, Cancun 2010 – disappointment and Durban 2011 - you guessed again disappointment. The climate change talks in Durban, South Africa have started but expectations are very low, in fact many analysts believe that the new climate deal isn't possible in this political climate any time soon.

The Kyoto protocol expires next year and it certainly doesn't look like world leaders are ready to revive it. This is because two world's largest polluters, China and United States, the countries that hadn't even signed Kyoto protocol do not agree to carbon emission cuts.

China is still classed as a developing country and United States feels that China should oblige to same cuts as developing world. China, on the other hand, believes that United States and the rest of the developing world have mainly contributed to climate change issue and so they must oblige to larger cuts in emissions.

The fact that scientists are constantly issuing warnings that the world needs to drastically reduce the emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases doesn't seem to be giving too many sleepless nights to world leaders.

World's largest polluters are running away from new climate deal and a swift action to stave off the catastrophic effects of global warming is still nowhere on the radar.

Optimism is certainly not the word associated with the climate talks in Durban. The major players have already clearly announced their unwillingness to negotiate their positions so any hope to reach new climate deal any time soon seems to be totally lost.

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