Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World is taking huge gamble with climate change issue

The difference in opinion between the developed and the developing world is still main stumbling block in climate change talks any by the current looks of it world is still extremely far from agreeing the Kyoto successor. The failure to reach new climate deal will mean that countries will have to commit to only voluntary steps which are unlikely to halt climate change impact.

By delaying the necessary climate change action in form of new legally binding international climate deal world is taking a huge gamble. The result of this risky policy could very easily be manifested in extreme droughts, floods, storms, crop failures, and even new diseases.

The emissions still continue to grow and world is heating up, particularly because fast developing countries like China and India need more coal and other fossil fuels to drive their economies forward.

Developing world doesn't give up on its stand that rich countries need to commit to tougher carbon cuts while rich nations believe that all big polluters need to be equally included in carbon cuts, including the likes of China and India.

In the meantime climate change has already started showing its scary face as according to the US National Weather Service extreme weather events (together with floods) have already accounted to $35 billion in damage in the first seven months of this year. This projected damage doesn't include billions in losses coming from the hurricane Irene which struck the United States in August.

The climate change is constantly moving forward, strengthening its impact while world leaders haven't moved an inch in their negotiations.

And what about the most vulnerable countries such as for instance low-lying islands? Sea levels are rising very fast and the quick climate action is the only way to stop them from rising even higher.

World still hasn't matured enough to realize that climate change issue is not a good place to fortify individual political wills. Climate change is global threat that is already affecting the lives of millions people around the globe and things can only become worse if we remain ignorant about it.

If climate change issue can't unite the world what can? The stakes can't be higher because we are gambling here with the destiny of our future generations. Is this risk really worth to take just because of different political interests?

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