Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The last decade to respond to climate change threat

Many scientists believe that the period between now and 2020 may be our last chance to stop climate change from running out of control. The only way to successfully tackle climate change would be to decarbonize global economy and make shift to renewable energy sector. This however doesn't seem to be happening any time soon because world is still far far away from reaching the international climate deal that would oblige all countries to significant CO2 reductions.

Why are world leaders still in talks about the climate deal when we are already running out of time to do something about it? It's once again all about politics and individual interests.

Despite living in the 21st century world leaders still do not recognize global interests, or at least they still don't weigh as much as individual interests of each country. Climate change issue is a global issue that needs to be solved on global level but how to reach the so much needed global level when each country is primarily looking at their own interests instead of looking at the big picture.

This big picture will soon be filled with natural disasters, major increase of sea level, hunger and new diseases if world leaders continue their selfish and narrow- minded politics.

The climate change issue is the biggest environmental threat of all time and the last thing world needs right now is a big difference in opinion between the developed and the developing world. Sadly, this difference in opinion looks to be a major stumbling block that prevents any success in climate talks.

It's really really sad that politics still outweighs science, that industry still outweighs environment, that greed still outweighs moral and common sense. But hey, that's sadly the world we currently live in.

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