Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Climate change issue is just a political game for Obama?

In his Earth Day proclamation the U.S. president Obama said "The United States can be a leader in reducing the dangerous pollution that causes global warming and can propel these advances by investing in the clean energy technologies, markets, and practices that will empower us to win the future."

Sadly the words (even coming from the most powerful man on our planet) are of no use without the appropriate action, and actual climate change action still looks like the thing Obama is seriously afraid off. Has there been some evident progress in U.S. efforts to tackle climate change since Obama took control of the White House from Bush? Nope. Still no international climate deal, and still no cap and trade legislation.

So what can we really expect from Obama in regards to climate change issue? More useless talks that have no effect whatsoever?

These kind of talks may be of no use to actually create some meaningful action against climate change but they could become quite useful from political point of view. Why? Because Obama's administration has started its 2012 re-election campaign, and climate change issue looks like the excellent political topic to create an early contrast with Republican candidates.

Obama is green, Obama loves and cares for our environment and Republicans don't; this is basically just a part of one big political game. The Republicans as well as the Democrats care very little or none whatsoever about our environment if and when environmental issues are in contrast with their political interests.

Obama is no exception. He's far from being an environmentalist some people think it is because he's first of all politician, and politics is as usual the game of interests, the game where economic issues always outweigh environmental issues. I'm sorry Mr Obama but words will this time not suffice.

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