Sunday, January 16, 2011

Climate change in 2011 - What needs to change?

The year 2010 was the year of big expectations, and there were many environmentalists who believed that world would be finally able to stop the further increase in CO2 emissions by agreeing on new climate deal. Sadly, Cancun climate talks, despite providing some glimpses of optimism, still weren't successful in uniting the world to tackle the climate change, well at least not in the form of new international climate deal which would oblige countries to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

Will we see a change for better in 2011, and will this be a year when the world will finally act as one in order to agree the so much needed successor to Kyoto protocol, or will once again the differences in opinion between developed and developing countries prove to be too much of the stumbling block for world leaders to unite?

World leaders still prefer talk instead of the real action so don't be surprised if the 2011 ends up in similar tone like the 2010, namely plenty of expectations, with not much positive in the end. I would really like to think otherwise but the way things have been going lately it is very difficult to remain optimistic about it.

World leaders still do not realize that there is no time to delay on climate change. Time is running out, and climate change is becoming stronger and stronger, after all the year 2010 was the joint warmest year on record.

The thing that needs to change the most about the climate change in 2011 is the way world leaders look at it, or to be more precise world leaders should add the factor of urgency when discussing climate change, and they should stop talking about this issue like they have all the time in the world to tackle it.

Inactivity means stronger climate change impact, and the more stronger climate change gets the more closer this world is to a state of total environmental and economic disaster where large parts of the world will be inhabitable, with millions people as refugees.

More commitment and more urgency in tackling the climate change issue are two main things that need to change in 2011. Without these two, yet another year will end up in disappointing tone.

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