Sunday, October 17, 2010

Climate change impact in Africa

Climate change is already doing significant damage to Africa in forms of flooding and drought, and things will be likely much worse in years to come. Some top African officials are reporting that climate change is already causing growing internal population migrations and displacements in Africa because more and more people try to get away from areas hit by flooding, drought, and other natural disasters.

Africa will have tough time adapting to climate change because of its poverty, and without the help of the developed world, Africa will soon become even poorer than it is today, with more natural disasters, more hunger, and more diseases.

Current world efforts to tackle climate change are not enough, and if world fails to agree new climate deal, Africa will be the first in the line, experiencing the worst that climate change has to offer.

Climate change is already a reality for most of the Africa, and the best proof to this is the fact that in the last 20 years the number of recorded natural disasters has doubled from around 200 to over 400 per year, and scientists believe that 90% of these disasters were climate change related.

The temperatures in Africa will likely rise even further in years to come. This will lead to even bigger urbanization, and food and water will become even more scarcer than they are today, and thus much more expensive.

The rising temperatures are also the perfect breeding ground for many diseases. The combination of severe food and water shortages, uncontrolled urbanization and many diseases will probably lead to social and political conflicts, even wars.

World has to do something for Africa before it is too late.

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