Monday, August 30, 2010

Is it possible to predict future climate change?

The majority of scientists believes that climate change is not only the real thing but that we are also yet to see the worst the climate change has to offer. Climate change is already there and we need to adapt to it as quickly as possible. This lead us to a question can today's science also predict what will our future climate look like?

My answer is no, there are too much factors that affect our climate so scientists despite all their efforts are still far away from being able to predict future climate change. Scientists have already discovered bunch of different factors that have serious impact on climate change, and there are probably many factors that are yet to be discovered, not to mention finding interlinking between these factors. In other words, climate change phenomenon is still too complex for today's science.

Yes, ice is melting, and yes, temperatures are rising on global level but how much will temperature rise in years to come is impossible to tell. Increase in global temperature isn't only connected with the amount of carbon emissions but with many other factors, and only by incorporating all these factors we could be able to give some decent prediction. The problem? We still don't know half of these factors so we can't really set the equation.

Climate change science is still pretty much tapping in the dark hoping that somewhere there's the right switch to turn the lights on. What this basically means is that we are still swimming in theory waters, meaning that there are many possible scenarios for future climate change. The only bad thing is that most of these scenarios were made for the disaster movies.

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