Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are we still blind to see the climate change?

The recent reports say that global temperatures in the first half of the year were the hottest since records began, and this is a clear indicator which shows the strengthening of climate change impact. This however doesn't look to be giving lot of sleepless nights to politicians because global climate deal is still far, far away.

Rich countries protect their own interests, developing countries feel like rich countries should do much more than they propose to do, and the result of this is one big nothing, just another disappointing delay.

Both rich and poor countries fear that climate deal might slow down their economic development by hurting competitiveness of their domestic industries on global level. The sad truth about our civilization is the fact that despite living in the 21st century we still haven't learned one very important thing, namely setting our priorities.

What is bigger priority? Saving our planet or saving our industries? Isn't Earth our only home? If that is the case then saving our planet should be our top priority but sadly when it comes to our planet we seem to be taking everything for granted.

Instead of making everything in our power to protect our planet we only think about how to make more money like having lot of material goods is the ultimate goal of our existence. If this is the case then we really deserve the worst that can happen to us.

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