Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rich countries not doing enough to tackle climate change

Rich countries are still not doing enough to tackle climate change. From the current point of view it looks like the world leaders still hope for some kind of miracle that will drive climate change away but sadly "a miracle to save the day" doesn't look like the possible scenario. The obvious truth is that without the strict and legally binding climate deal that would oblige countries to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions very little (if anything) can be done to tackle climate change.

Politicians on the other hand do not look to be to much concerned about what is going to happen to our future climate. I mean who cares whether our future generations will struggle to survive or not because of our mistakes when there's so many bigger questions that need to be resolved, like for instance where do we go this year on holidays?

This world is so selfish, and each person looks only for its interests, thinking only about current good times, and not thinking about the heritage we will live to our children and grandchildren. If climate change continue to further strengthen its impact how will our future look like? Do we really want to make a life as hard as possible for our future generations, and why in the God's name do we care so little for our planet?

Rich countries have all the power in the world but yet they are acting as if climate change is somebody else's problem. They still fail to see that climate change is global problem that will affect all countries, and thus the petty differences between developed and developing countries are not the right reason to delay new climate deal agreement.

In the last year or so I have been increasingly frustrated with these differences between developed and developing countries that look to be the main obstacle towards the new climate deal. Global problem like climate change requires global responsibility, and global responsibility requires more flexibility from both parties.

Can world finally act as one?

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