Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arctic ice - Current condition

What is the current condition with Arctic's ice? Well, the latest report coming from an international science team led by Ohio State University says that less ice covers the Arctic today than at any time in recent geologic history, a clear sign of ongoing climate change.

This study should be noted trustworthy because researchers have compiled the first comprehensive history of Arctic ice by re-examining the data from past and ongoing studies (around 300 different studies), and combining their results to form a big-picture view of the North pole’s climate history stretching back millions of years.

Leonid Polyak, a research scientist at Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University said that "the ice loss that we see today is the ice loss that started in the early 20th Century and accelerated during the last 30 years, appears to be unmatched over at least the last few thousand years.

He also added that the newest satellite techniques and field observations allow scientists to see that the volume of ice is shrinking much faster than its area today, and that this is the sign for worry.

If we want to stop losing so much ice cover at Arctic then the world needs to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Climate talks at Copenhagen failed miserably showing yet again how little we care about our planet.

Ignorance won't be enough in this case because climate change is the biggest environmental problem in our history. If only politicians would understand this...

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