Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Has Obama forgot about climate bill?

Not so long ago Obama promised that climate change legislation is one of his top goals, and that he will do everything that is in his power to make this happen. But climate bill still looks like a very distant possibility so it is really no surprise that green business leaders and environmentalists have started pressing him to fulfill his promise.

The current overall impression is that White House isn't engaged enough on this major piece of legislation, and that Obama needs to put more efforts to push climate legislation forward.

Obama recently said "I believe that we can come together around this issue and pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation that will ignite new industries, spark new jobs and make America more energy independent" . But lately Obama has been nothing but words when it comes to climate change, and this is definitely not the right attitude for such major legislation.

All of the sudden climate change issue has dropped down on Obama's political agenda, and smaller issues are the ones that get most of the attention.

To put it as simply as possible it looks like Obama currently doesn't want to play the leading role in engaging Congress on climate legislation. The reason for such behavior is uncertain, some believe it is because of the pressure from fossil fuel lobbies while other even believe that Obama has, for the time being, lost interest in climate change legislation.

Whatever the reason is, if things do not change very soon, climate change legislation could be in serious jeopardy.

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