Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stronger evidence for human caused climate change

Despite the recent increase in number of climate change skeptics due to some controversies about former climate change studies majority of the scientists still believe that human activity caused climate change, and that climate change impact is becoming stronger and stronger.

The UK Met Office study, after assessing 110 research papers on the climate change concluded that the climate change evidence is stronger now compared to time when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change carried out its last assessment in 2007.

According to this report our climate is changing rapidly, and mostly due to the increase in greenhouse gases that are result of human activity (fossil fuels burning).

What scientists in this study did found out is that changes in Arctic sea ice, atmospheric moisture, saltiness of parts of the Atlantic Ocean and temperature changes in the Antarctic are consistent with human influence on our climate, and all these factors point out to the global picture of warming world.

This study hasn't only looked at the regional and global temperatures but also the changes in Arctic sea ice, changes in rainfall patterns, and humidity of atmosphere. And according to Dr Stott, one of the lead authors of this study "all these different aspects of the climate system are adding up to a picture of the effects of a human influence on our climate."

And yet despite so many studies that say how Earth is changing rapidly because of human caused climate change world is still not doing necessary things to halt further strengthening of the climate change impact. The same old story again and again, lots of talk and promises, and no necessary action.

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