Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is our planet still warming?

It may not seem that way to us but scientists continue to claim that our planet is still warming, and that climate change is very much a reality we live in. This was the conclusion of the newest review of climate data that included 26 climate scientists from eight countries, and all these scientists agreed how Earth is really warming, and how the global warming could reach as high as 7 degrees temperature increase by the end of the century if greenhouse gases growth continues its current trend.

According to scientists the global warming trend has continued even with the fact that solar brightness was relatively weak in the past three years, and La Nina event had cooling impact last year. If this data is true you have to wonder what is going to happen once solar brightness becomes stronger. The scientists concluded how there has been natural short-term fluctuation in temperatures, but this hasn't had effect on the overall warming of our planet, and the global warning trend has continued.

The numbers support their conclusion as for instance March last year had the warmest global land temperature of any March measured, and June and August this year had the warmest land and ocean temperatures recorded in the southern hemisphere for those months. So there is definitely no global cooling as some global warming deniers would hope there is. Also the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps has greatly increased since the mid-1990s, and the surface of the Greenland ice sheet experiencing summer melt has increased by 30 percent since 1979.

The scientists also fear that we could pass the point of no return by the end of this century making climate change irreversible. If this happens we will soon become very familiar with sea levels rise, flooding, drought, hunger, new diseases, hurricanes, and the worst thing about it is that we won't be able to do anything that would stop this disaster once temperatures become too high.

The only solution that can help us at this point of time is new climate deal that should significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, and quick development of renewable energy sector. Without the new climate deal and emphasis on renewable energy we are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Hopefully, world leaders are aware that we are running out of time.

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  1. I have a question. I know I'm no scientist so that's why I'm asking you. Why doesn't it make sense for the polar ice caps to just be remains of ice left over from the ice age. If this was true I think it would make sense that the ice caps would be melting over thousands of years and as these ice caps melt the water in the oceans would warm up just like a glass of ice water warms up as the ice in it melts. Another question I have is why would global warming be a major problem? To me a nice warm tropical climate year round sounds wonderful! Someone said on a documentary a few years ago that one of the biggest problems would be that the states up north whose precipitation consists mainly of snow would get no precipitation because the snow would melt! That's insane! Melted ice is water! I just don't get it. Anyway I can't wait to hear from anyone who wants to reply. Thanks.