Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Climate change talks still not going into right direction

You don't have to be a brainiac to conclude how there won't be new climate deal unless U.S. and China do something more concrete to reduce levels of greenhouse gas emissions. What we are currently seeing is politics and diplomacy at their very best, or to be more precise saying and promising general things rather than pointing out specific action and short-term goals.

In accordance to this Obama said how his administration worked hard on climate since he took office in January and also added how the United States was committed to act but he didn't provide any proposals nor urge some quick action like for instance influence Senate to pass the climate bill. On the other hand China's president Hu Jintao promised developing renewable and nuclear energy in order to ensure slower growth of emissions in the future but like Obama there was no specific targets. It was all the case good old diplomacy, and nothing else.

We are now in deadlock situation where all other countries expect much more from two world's biggest polluters but neither China nor U.S. is willing to come up with the specific targets and end stalemate over climate change talks. Failure to reach climate deal would be one the biggest failures in history of the world, and it would leave future generations exposed to an irreversible catastrophe. This really has to be more important than political interests, regardless of economy and industry.

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