Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Global warming is real despite cold winter

This year's cold winter in Europe and North America has raised some eyebrows whether the global warming is real or not. But the latest survey of 3,146 earth scientists showed that scientists are convinced that global temperatures have been rising in the past 200+ years, and that human factor is key contributor to these increased temperatures. 90 percent of surveyed scientists agreed that global temperatures increased compared to pre-1800s levels, and 82 percent of surveyed scientists believe that humans played significant role in changing average earth temperatures over the past 200+ years.

One cold winter doesn't mean there is no global warming

As you can see one cold winter doesn't mean that there is no global warming. Global warming isn't some short-term phenomenon, this phenomenon is long-term climate process. And responsibility for causing global warming most likely lies on our shoulders, and excessive greenhouse gas emissions over the years. Scientists really have no reason to lie, and they are the ones that study these phenomenons so they really now what they are talking about. Some people choose to live in illusion but reality is one completely different thing.

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