Monday, December 1, 2008

EU determinant to reduce car emissions?

According to a new agreement EU will force European carmakers to reduce total emission of greenhouse gases from new vehicles by 18 percent within the next six years. Though many environmentalists expected more significant cut EU believes that this percentage is some sort of balance between the needs of the environment on one and the struggling European car industry on other side.

Many environmentalists are still disappointed because they feel this isn't enough, and that the EU has been too kind to big automakers but it looks like fear from car industry losing many jobs is still greater than fear of global warming and climate change.

EU will cut car emissions by 18 percent within the next 6 years

Though something is always better than nothing this still doesn't look good from ecological point of view. Such agreements and decisions are still showing one thing that world needs to change in order to successfully fight climate change and global warming, namely ecology must be ahead of economy. So far it looks like the old credo "first economy then anything else" is still holding the water. If the world really wants to go green this will have to change very soon.

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