Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Focus on financial crisis not on climate change

Financial crisis these days is becoming global problem just like the climate change and global warming. But of course once again financial sector is more important to politicians around the world than doing more in fight against climate change. Global financial crisis is topic in every corner in the world, and it is very obvious that politicians will focus strictly to financial sector instead of turning their attention to fix long-term climate change problems.

U.N. Climate Panel, which draws on the work of 2,500 scientists is more than 90 percent sure that mankind is to blame for climate change and global warming problem in form of droughts, heatwaves, floods and rising sea levels. And regardless how serious these problems are it is very unlikely that politicians around the world will think of anything else than how to stop financial crisis.

Mighty dollar is once again more important than ecology

In the meantime global warming phenomenon won't slow down as
eleven of the last 12 years have been the warmest ever recorded, which is clear sign of current global warming trend that is showing everything except some signs of slowing down. But yet once again economy has clear edge over ecology, and we are more concerned of what is going to happen with almighty dollar as all other problems of our planet simply vanish once mighty dollar starts showing signs of crisis.

But what about ecological crisis that now lasts already for couple of decades? Of course they will have to wait once again because economy problems are the one always having green light for its solving. Ecology is always somewhere in the shadows of economy only stepping up when economy gives her permission. How long we will have to wait for permission this time? Judging by the size of current financial crisis we could be waiting for very, very long time.

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