Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Arctic ice reacting fast to global warming

Due to unusually high air temperatures and reduced sea ice conditions Arctic is rapidly losing its ice. Warmer temperatures, if they continue, will completely change the Arctic area, and in not so far future Arctic could lose all its ice. The latest warning was chunk of ice shelf nearly the size of Manhattan that has broken away from Ellesmere Island in Canada's northern Arctic, totalling the summer's ice shelf loss to alarming 82 square miles.

And as the temperatures are becoming warmer and warmer ice has no real chance for regrowth. This of course will influence life of many ecosystems that are dependent of ice and could lead to extinction of many species. Ancient sea ice is losing its battle against man made global warming, and polar frontier is dramatically changing.

Case of the 4,500-year-old Markham Ice Shelf that separated in early August with 19-square-mile shelf drifting in the Arctic Ocean was shocking surprise even to scientists. Even they could not believe how fast is Arctic ice sheet changing. And if the current climate trend continues there will be much more shocking surprises, and eventually Arctic will lose all of its ice sheet. This is scary, but unfortunately also a very likely scenario.

Arctic is suffering huge ice shelf's loss

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