Friday, October 19, 2007

Antarctic ice sheet disappearing

Antarctic ice sheet is rapidly melting - this is confirmed by the world's leading scientists. Every year Antarctic ice sheet is losing about 36 cubic miles of ice and all because of the global warming. Global warming as a direct consequence of greenhouse gases emission is taking heavy toll on all ice areas, so Antarctic despite massive ice sheet isn't different from all other areas. If this global warming trend is to continue in the coming years as well, global sea level will rise substantially in just couple of centuries from now.

Every year global sea level around Antarctic rises by 0.4 millimeters which is definitely too much and is causing real problem because Antarctica holds 90 percent of the world's ice. This big percentage is indicating the importance of maintaining the Antarctic ice sheet as much intact as possible because its disappearance means huge raise of sea levels worldwide. Stability of the ice sheet has also been called into question especially with the discovery of fast-moving rivers of water sliding beneath their base which may lubricate the movement of these huge glaciers as they unpredictably flow into the surrounding sea.

What to do? This is just another nail in the mankind's coffin put by the global warming and CO2. Quality actions are as usual either too rare or too weak to stop dependence on fossil fuels since renewable energy sources' percentage is almost negligible. And so we're having terrible climate changes, lots of endangered (and some already extinct) animals, ice melting, many diseases and whole lot of other side effects all because of CO2 and global warming. If this trend continues soon ice won't be the only thing that is melting on Earth.

As you can clearly see from this picture melting is very much the dark reality of the Antarctic ice sheet, and this rapid melting will continue in the upcoming years as well.

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